People: Be a desired place to work via encouraging staff’s self-actualization to master their skills and knowledge every day.

Partners: Be an amazing place for our partners collaboration to achieve mutual and fruitful value.

Profit: maximize long-term revenue while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

Productivity: Be the effective, innovative, reliable and highly responsive company.


POSITION TITLE: Regional Director

POSITION DUTIES: American Programming has an opening for Regional Director. The role is responsible for developing the relationship with relevant potential clients and partners to generate fundraising. Refining and implementing internal systems designed to optimize workflow. The incumbent will establish, monitor and maintain project plans, including defining project goals. The Regional Director is responsible for developing and implementing a pricing strategy, including setting price levels, managing price, establishing cost control and target margins and monitoring execution.

REQUIREMENTS:  Employer will accept a Master’s degree in Economics or a closely-related field of concentration plus 1 year in job offered or related occupation.

Experience must include:

  • Oversee client and partner relationships
  • Define, deploy and drive sustainable and repeatable process improvements through the entire product development and delivery lifecycle
  • Define and measure key performance indicators and drive corrective actions throughout the entire organization based on real data and results
  • Enhancing system verification and validation process working with Software Quality Assurance team
  • Identify strategic opportunities and potential threats associated with emerging technologies and execute development plans
  • Conduct market research to determine an optimal price point and product market positioning

The employer will accept any suitable combination of education, training, and experience. 

JOB LOCATION:          1255 Treat Blvd. Suite 309, Walnut Creek, CA, 94597

WHERE TO APPLY:                      Attn: Alex Andriyanov,1255 Treat Blvd. Suite 309, Walnut Creek, CA, 94597

DATE: 15-OCT-2018


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